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Beautiful potatoes can cause hypertension and diabetes

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Even if the golden Turkey is at the heart of your Thanksgiving table, you can be sure that your rich food also includes some fresh vegetables and delicious casseroles...

Maybe some butter mashed potatoes, Grandma's famous corn casserole, and if you're lucky, some fresh pumpkins and pumpkins.

Of course, it sounds like a healthy diet.

Or maybe not.

This is because vegetable growers, as well as soybeans and beets, are licensed by the government to use a process that can profit from the profits of some big companies, but puts you and your family at risk...

You know it's genetically modified.

Monsanto, a biochemical company, is notorious for introducing genetically modified crops (GM foods), which are designed to tolerate very high levels of the pesticide Nongda, whose main ingredient is glyphosate, a known carcinogen that harms health.

Maybe all the fuss about Roundup will eventually be banned, but if you think the threat of genetic modification to your food will stop, you may make mistakes...

Dangerous GM potatoes you may be eating

When scientists go public and denounce their work, it's time to listen. If you are a fan of French fries or baked potatoes, please pay special attention.

Caius Rommens was the team leader of Monsanto before leaving to start his own biotechnology company, Simplot.

In the 12 years before leaving Simplot, Rommens designed genetically modified white reddish-brown potatoes to resist black spot bruises and browning.

Look, genetic engineering enables scientists to "improve" something in a particular crop by taking, adding, or altering genes to alter plant genome composition.

In this case, beautiful GM potatoes have been modified to produce fries without brown spots - and produce less carcinogenic acrylamide when fried.

Sounds good, right? Besides......

"Five years after I left Simplot," Rommens said, "I realized I wasn't rigorous enough to consider the possibility that my changes might lead to unexpected effects."

The unexpected impact, indeed...

Genetic engineering has gone bad again

By using a technique called "silence", genetic engineers silenced existing genes in potato plants, resulting in dark bruises and brown spots. The problem has been solved.

Everything except what they do is to avoid bruises. His potatoes are still bruised, and now they are invisible entry points for pathogens and water, both of which can lead to health-threatening diseases and blight.

More importantly, Rommens's former colleagues told him that damaged tissues around these bruises may accumulate high levels of toxin tyramine, an amino acid that can reach toxic levels, cause headaches, and produce dangerous high blood pressure in people taking certain antidepressants.

And, as if that wasn't enough, gene silencing increased the level of neurotoxin alpha-aminohexanedioic acid by about six times. Alpha-aminohexanedioic acid can also bind to sugar, triggering body processes directly related to diabetes.

But how to reduce the cancer threat in French fries? That sounds like a big positive factor. Only Simplot can't find any reliable health studies to prove that normal French fries are carcinogenic in the first place.

So now Rommens questions his "strange hypothesis" that he can predict any unintended long-term consequences of his product on the basis of short-term experiments.

"This is the same assumption that chemists used when commercializing DDT and orange agents."


Caius Rommens wrote a book. Pandora's potatoes tell him why he gave up his job in Simplot, why GM varieties should be withdrawn from the market, and that potatoes are no exception.

"I could also write an article about our experimental genetically modified varieties developed by Monsanto, which contain an antifungal protein that I now think is allergic... or anything else in genetic engineering."

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

The best protection for genetically modified foods is to avoid them. The best way is to eat only organic produce in fresh vegetables or fruits or grow your own products.

But GM crops are also hidden elsewhere. So please follow the following tips to protect yourself:

Avoid processed foods containing corn, soybeans, rape, sugar beet and cotton. More than 70% of processed foods contain ingredients from GM maize, soybeans, rape and cotton. More than half of the sugar used in food comes from genetically modified beets.

Look for labels labeled "Non-GMO Projects" to validate products. These foods have undergone a rigorous process, and the risk of GM contamination is minimal.

To protect your body from the effects of genetically modified foods, you can:

Improve your immune system. Allergies and immune system diseases usually begin with the effects of genetically modified foods.

For health and happiness.

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