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Amazing benefits make alcohol healthier than you think

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So far, I believe you have heard bad news...

Drinking is terrible for your health. In fact, a new study published in the medical journal The Lancet suggests that if you want to stay healthy, you shouldn't drink any alcohol. No, Compression. Little people.

But before you commit yourself to life as a prohibition, there are a few things to consider. Drinking has a hidden advantage. Many people never think of it.

Alcohol makes you socialize. Social networking brings some serious health benefits.

How to drink with your friends is good for your health.

Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar has played the devil's advocate in a recent backlash against alcohol.

He admitted that excessive drinking is harmful to health. But he also said that humans like to drink and have good reasons for thousands of years.

It makes us more social. From the perspective of evolution and health, social interaction is good.

Think about what happens when you share a bottle of wine or drink a few beers with friends. Everyone talks and laughs and combines with others. All these conversations, laughter and bonding are good for you.

Building strong ties with others makes you more vulnerable to external threats (because your friends have your back). But it also helps fight internal pressure, because it activates your endorphin system.

As you may know, endorphins will make you feel good. They are your body's answer to opiates. When you are very high in endorphins, you are more likely to believe in people... That means you are more likely to make friends. In fact, the system is directly responsible for helping monkeys, apes and humans develop and maintain friendship.

But those endorphins also enhance your immune system. This may at least partly explain why socialization is good for your health.

For example, research shows that having a strong group of friends can help you recover faster from surgery, extend your life span and make it easier to survive a heart attack.

Other privileges for light drinks

Apart from the fact that alcohol is associated with better social and social health, there are other reasons why alcohol is not always bad.

Recent studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of certain diseases, rather than total withdrawal. Two studies this year found that light drinking (about 0.5 drinks a day or less) reduces the risk of cancer and dementia, not abstinence altogether.

Does this mean that you should ignore the latest advice on avoiding alcohol consumption?

Well, that depends. Even Robin and Dunbar admit that if you can drink moderately, the social benefits of drinking are worthwhile. Once you start overusing it, any potential health benefits will disappear and your health will be seriously threatened.

So if you're an alcoholic or anyone trying to control your drinking, the ultimate lifestyle is your healthiest choice. There are other ways to contact and release endorphins, including exercise and eating. So enjoy tasty meals or exercise classes with friends who don't have alcohol.

But if you can drink with a friend without losing control, there's a lot of evidence that it doesn't hurt you at all. It may even help you. So go out with friends a few times a week and have a glass of wine or beer. It can play happily and healthily.

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