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Antioxidants resist age-related decline

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They say there are two things in life - death and taxes - but there's one thing you can be sure of... Every day, you get older.

However, although aging is inevitable, age-related decline and loss of function are not. After all, we all know people in their 90s who are as active and sensitive as ever.

So what's the secret? How can you not age?

According to health scientists at Oregon State University, the key is a specific antioxidant.

Detoxification prevents cell death

The health study, published in the Journal Redox Biology, seeks to find out how young cells are resistant to toxins, as toxic stress in everyday life can lead to many health problems and whether your body can support detoxification can determine your risk, compared with older cells.

In fact, according to scientists, the decrease in detoxification pathways is associated with heart disease, diabetes and cancer, which are major causes of death and disability worldwide.

To determine why young cells are better able to handle toxin inflows, remove them and stay healthy, while older cells die, they use a toxic compound called methylnaphthoquinone to force rat cells.

They found that younger cells lost significantly fewer glutathione antioxidants than older cells in response to toxic stress. In fact, despite toxic attacks, glutathione levels in young rat cells never dropped to 35% below their initial levels, while in older rat cells, glutathione levels plummeted to only 10% of their original levels.

They say the loss of glutathione is responsible for the decline in health with age.

Tory Hagen, a professor of Biochemistry at the Oregon State University School of Science, the lead author of the health study, said: "Stress does not lead to a rapid loss of glutathione in young animal cells. On the other hand, cells from older animals quickly consume glutathione and die twice as fast under stress."

The good news is that not only do they figure out why cells die, how vulnerable they are and how they are in poor health, they also figure out how to deal with it.

According to health researchers, "NAC preconditioning increases glutathione levels in older cells and helps to offset this level of cell death to a large extent."

NAC can age better

You may want to know what NAC is and what preprocessing means. After all, who doesn't want to prevent cell death and age better?

So let's divide it into two parts...

First, NAC is a compound called N-acetylcysteine, known for its ability to support the liver - in other words, to enhance those detoxification pathways.

In fact, NAC has been used in hospitals in high doses for detoxification emergencies, such as when people accidentally ingest toxic levels of heavy metals, even at high levels, it is considered very safe.

In this study, health researchers found that NAC can help maintain glutathione levels and antioxidant metabolism, and prevent the decline ofconventional metabolism associated with aging.

Although this health study was directed at mice, the authors even said, "I am optimistic that this compound can prevent the increase of toxicity after aging, because our ability to deal with toxins has declined. We may be able to improve the metabolic resilience that is naturally lost with age."

NAC for prevention

So now you know what NAC is and why you need it, but health researchers say what's the use of NAC for pretreatment?

Well, the answer is simple... They mean that you should take NAC regularly, not just when you are sick, tired and have health problems.

As they say, "The use of NAC as a preventive measure, rather than an intervention, can maintain glutathione levels so that older people can detoxify."

My colleague, Tim Lawson of Virginia, will tell you that for money, her preferred NAC source is Peak Liver Support. It not only contains the NAC needed to improve the level and function of glutathione, but also provides five additional natural supplements to support your body's detoxification process.

Keep in mind that aging is inevitable, but age-related decline is not when you improve your health's ability to deal with toxins every day.

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