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Male inability to know everything!

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Male impotence is a medical condition that affects healthy sexual life, and one of them has difficulties in achieving or maintaining erection. This may lead to low self-esteem or extra family stress. But this is normal, because all men aged 30 to 70 have erectile dysfunction at some point in time. It is increasing with age.

The cause of impotence -

The following are the most common reasons for this kind of health impact.

Endocrine diseases: common endocrine diseases such as diabetes, such as diabetes, can affect the function of the nerve, causing people to lose the sense of the penis and the level of the hormone in the body and affect the health of a healthy life.
Neurological disorders: neurological diseases affecting healthy life
temporal lobe epilepsy
Parkinson's disease
Alzheimer's disease
Lifestyle factors: Generally speaking, educated men will reduce impotence due to healthier lifestyle choices. Abuse of drugs such as alcohol and amphetamine or cocaine can affect erectile function.
Besides, depression and trauma can lead to impotence and health risk.
Treatment -

Impotence has a variety of therapeutic health options:

1. prescription drugs: medical interventions for the treatment of impotence include:

Vascular surgery
Testosterone replacement

2. lifestyle changes: a healthier lifestyle may be a major factor in reducing erectile dysfunction.

Control the habit of drinking and smoking
Relieve stress and anxiety
Follow a balanced diet and exercise routine
Although many people are not easily admitted to erectile dysfunction, it is recommended that doctors should contact doctors when they become unanimous. It can be treated very well and will not affect your healthy life when taking appropriate precautions.

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