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The influence of television on the child's mind

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There are many reasons to limit the number of TV children to watch TV. One of the effects of watching television on young cardiovascular health systems is to extend.

A study conducted by researchers in Spain and Brazil showed that when children watched more than two hours of TV shows per day, their risk of hypertension increased by 30%. The same research shows that for children who exercise less than one hour a day, watching so much TV can increase the risk of hypertension by 50%, which seriously affects children's health.

Researchers at AugustoC sarF. de Moraes said: "this study shows the number and physical activity and sedentary behavior of different new cases of hypertension and related risk of hypertension in children in europe.

The two-year study investigated more than 5200 children's health data. These children are part of a study called "identifying and preventing the health effects of diet and lifestyle on children and infants" (IDEFICS). At the beginning of the study, they came from 8 countries, aged between 2 and 10.

When watching television leads to early hypertension, the chances of serious heart disease are also increased, according to scientists. F. de Moraes says, "high blood pressure may cause cardiovascular disease in later years to affect physical and mental health. "For example, it increases the risk of ischemic heart disease."

The study concluded: "these figures are worrying, because sedentary behavior is common in infancy and later in life."

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