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What is your body fat percentage? Use these photos as your guide

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Try to convince a woman not to pay too much attention to the number, like pulling a tooth. Thanks to the media, our spirit is deeply rooted. This is the way we teach ourselves, our numbers and the progress of weight loss efforts to make you have a healthier body. Even if the body mass index is measured, weight loss is also a medical sign.

We women tend to use this number to doubt ourselves and our progress. And when we don't like the numbers we see, it is often enough to make us feel depressed and disappointing, and may even lead us to choose ourselves.

The fact is, weight is completely defective in judging fitness and progress! It can't tell you anything about your weight and how much muscle and body fat, even water. What's worse, according to what we eat or drink (or all we've experienced, every month!) The weight of our scales changes every day or even every hour.

In the Women of Athlean-XX, we actually oppose the use of scale to predict progress, because there are better ways, including body circumference measurement (that is why our program includes convenient tape), the challenge of strength and your clothes are just right. But for those of us who undergo strength training plan to build lean muscles, there is a measurement method to see the change of body fat percentage instead of body weight loss.

How do you "measure" the percentage of body fat?
There are many ways to measure the percentage of fat in the body... But some of them are very expensive, and most of them are inaccurate. In fact, if you use several different ways, you may find that your body fat is different every time, because Athlean-XX female creator Jeff Cavaliere shows what he did for Athlean-X in this video.

That's why we put this series of images together to show the percentage of different body fat. You can use these photos to measure your present position and create a goal for yourself.

Remember, not every woman is in the same way (or in the same place!) Storage of fat, so the two body fat percentage exactly the same body may look very different. With the increase of age, the distribution of fat in women also changes. Finally, if you've ever heard a man talk about body fat below 7%, remember that a woman's body needs more fat than a man. For example, the body fat level equivalent to the male 6-7% is 15-17% in women. If you are interested in seeing a photo of the percentage of men's body fat, you can look at the link I've just highlighted.

Body fat percentage: 10 - 12%
The percentage of female body fat is very low, which is often sought by female bodybuilders in order to compete. It is very difficult to maintain, and most female bodybuilders actually have higher body fat levels outside the season. At this very low body fat level, women can begin to experience amenorrhea (insufficient menstruation). This body fat level is difficult to reach and maintained, which may be unhealthy, so this is not the target range for most women.

In this body fat level, not only can you see the separation of the muscles, but also the stripe in the muscles and blood vessels (the veins protruding).

Body fat percentage: 15 - 17%ATHLEAN range
The body fat range of 15-17% is a little more than the female bodybuilders in the competitive season, and it is easier for women who are extremely committed to nutrition and health. But it is important to realize that achieving and maintaining this percentage of human fat requires incredible dedication and consistency, with proper nutrition and fitness plan and hard work.

Within the range of obesity, a woman will have a visible six muscles. You can still see some muscle stripes and muscles, but less. Many female fitness models prepare the 15-17%'s body fat range for photographing. In this range, the buttocks, hips and thighs appear to be muscular, not round, and you are healthier and more beautiful. In this context, some women still have the experience of inadequate menstruation.

Percentage of body fat: 18 - 20%ATHLEAN range
The body fat range of 18-20% is a more reasonable target for women after sports, because its relatively high level is easier to maintain. The range of body fat is one of the most related to the killer bikini body! In 18 - 20%, you can still see strong muscles, but six packages may not be defined. Although there is a small amount of fat on the hips, the thighs and the buttocks are not very obvious. Many women who have reached a higher level of fitness like this appearance because it keeps some curves.

Body fat percentage: 21 - 23%
The range of body fat is usually considered "suitable", and many female athletes and most suitable celebrities belong to this range. In the body of 21-23% fat, you may see a small number of definitions, but absolutely not six packages. In this range, the curves of the legs and buttocks will be a little more than the 18-20% range.

Body fat percentage: 24 - 26%
The percentage of body fat is considered to be the average low range of women in many body fat charts. At this level, a woman is usually considered to be slim, but not too thin. In this range, the curves of the hips, thighs and buttocks will be obvious.

Body fat percentage: 27 - 29%
In the body's fat range, fat begins to accumulate in the breasts, stomach, legs and buttocks. If a woman has been exercising all the time, you may see some areas of muscle definition, but you can also knead some fat on the abdomen and be healthy and slim.

Body fat percentage: 30-35%
In the stomach of 30-35%, the breast, buttocks, thighs and buttocks will be more round, and the curve is more obvious. In this range you may not see how many muscles are defined. This is considered to be the average height range of women in many human fat charts.

Body fat percentage: 36-40%
In this range, the buttocks begin to widen and the face and neck become smooth. In this range, the hips are usually more than 40 inches, and the waist is usually more than 32 inches.

The percentage of body fat: 50 +%
In most weight charts, the 50+ range is considered morbidly obese.

Remember, it's important to remember that the percentage of body fat can really look different in different women -- depending on height, age, or the way fat genes are distributed in your body. However, the percentage of body fat is a more accurate way of measuring progress than the standard, because it takes into account any muscle you may add to the frame during exercise.

Try shooting to get a percentage of the body's body fat, not the weight of the shot. Put the scales well, use a tape measure (or your favorite pair of jeans) to judge the progress one by one. Don't pay too much attention to the scale that will help you keep your enthusiasm and keep your spirit high when you make progress to your physical transformation!

If you are looking for a fit fitness and nutrition program for health to get you into a thinner body fat range, check us at Athlean-XX women. Our nutrition program is designed to be designed to work with women's metabolism, giving it a push and keeping it burning intensely all day. Our fitness program will help you build sexy muscles only 30 minutes a day without excessive training or a long time out of aerobic exercise. You'll be surprised to see what you can do for a healthy, unrestricted diet and 30 minutes of exercise in just 90 days.

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