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Your food will not increase your weight

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There has been controversy over nuts for many years.


On the one hand, experts claim nuts are good for you. You should add them to your diet.


Although the other side has said that nuts are fat-rich, healthy or not, and can lead to weight gain, this may offset the benefits.


So who is right? Who do you believe?


Do you just keep eating them and want to get good grades, or should you avoid them altogether?


Well, the debate has finally been resolved.


A two-year health study by researchers at Loma Linda University Health found that walnuts can be added to the diet without having a negative impact on weight gain or weight management.


This is the details...


Good fat and healthy snacks

The study, published in Nutrients, is the first large-scale study to test whether walnuts play a role in healthy aging, and to begin studying how nuts affect healthy older people.


Early studies on walnut consumption and weight were concerned only with young people and for a shorter time.


As the lead author of the study, Edward Bitok, Assistant Professor, DrPH, MS, RDN, LLU Joint School of Health Vocational College, said: "Long-term walnut intake and its impact on the weight of the elderly" has been lacking in adults, and we hope to narrow the gap. "


And boys, they...


The participants aged between 63 and 79 were described as healthy, free living elderly people. The researchers assessed whether walnut eaters in the study group had a greater risk of weight gain than non-walnut eaters.


And they found that walnuts are undoubtedly not only a healthy snack that provides good fat for your body - but they don't lead to weight gain... even ordinary walnut eaters consume nearly 300 calories a day of nuts.


In fact, Joan Sabate, Executive Director of the Center for Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Prevention at the School of Public Health, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, and chief researcher of WAHA Research, even said, "Our hope is that older people can add nuts to their diet without worrying about weight gain. In fact, this study proves this point. "


Many health benefits of walnuts

With all the health benefits of walnuts, it's good news that you can eat them without worrying about the rising numbers.


They have been shown to fight inflammation, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, cancer and other chronic diseases.


They have high levels of flavonoids, they can also promote brain health, and even help you avoid Alzheimer's disease.


In an article published by my colleague Jenny Smiechowski, you find that nuts are kryptonites, and you will find out how nuts work in your body and which nuts help you the most.


Besides, next time you want to eat snacks, you can buy some walnuts. They may not be really calorie free, but they have no sense of guilt.


Editor's Note: Health is not as complex as it used to be - that is, if you can remove all the conflicting information about diet, exercise and nutrition. That's what Dr. Michael Cutler did for you in his guide, Part-time Healthy Nuts: Get the best health without extreme diet, dangerous pills or brutal exercise. Make your own rules and join the part-time health nut revolution.

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