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How to improve and reduce the level of amniotic fluid during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, amniotic fluid helps to protect the baby in the uterus. Very low level and high level of amniotic fluid can cause complications. In the first few stages, the amniotic fluid is mostly full of water, but with the growth of the baby in the womb, the amniotic fluid is also full of protein and other essential nutrients that the baby needs.
Low level amniotic fluid is called oligohydramnios, and high level amniotic fluid is called amniotic fluid, and these two conditions are also harmful to the mother. However, oligohydramnios and hydramnios can be treated with the help of drugs, but if they are not treated or tested for a long time, they may cause serious damage to the fetus.
How to increase amniotic fluid

In general, the normal index of amniotic fluid is between 8-18, and if the index level of the liquid falls between 5-6, oligohydramnios occurs. Low levels of amniotic fluid can affect the baby's feet, hands, limbs and lungs, and rarely distort the baby's face. So it's very important to keep the amniotic fluid balance, and there are some suggestions here to help you increase the amniotic fluid in your body.

It's also for your health!

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